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We are specialized in producing electrical accessories including all kinds of cold and heat shrinkable terminations and joints, clamps,..
Classified ads, when used effectively, can be one of the quickest and inexpensive ways to increase sales and customers. A single well-written..
Radio TV Equipment
Posted on 21-05-2013
Specifications: 1) input frequency range: A) low band:10.7~11.7ghz B) high band:11.7~12.75ghz 2) output frequency range: A) low..
Kiosk Link 17''
Posted on 14-02-2007
Metal enclosure Modern design Metal keyboard Specifications (model 4817km) Enclosure finishing: Metal enclosure 15/10 White c130190a mx..

Posted on 22-07-2012
Kingfisher Series III is an innovative range of telemetry and control products that easily adapts to a multitude of applications, providing..
Remote input module (rim) The rim module is designed to monitor and report the status of it's 4 digital inputs for a remote alarm and/or location..
M6 Professional DV Camera CraneProduct brief:You are able to select the angle of the tilt and also the starting position of the tilt with no..
TV Equipment
Posted on 10-09-2008
Still the most powerful cam available today. Multi-crypt emulation available with correct firmware installed. DreamCrypt & FireCrypt supported. ..
Electrical Accessories
Posted on 01-01-2012
We are Manufacturers Exporters of leading Electrical Accessories Bulk Head Main Switches Etc.Door Bells , Brass & Tin Clips, Circuit Breaker..
Multi Input / Output Module
Posted on 11-12-2010
The MIO product family allows interfacing with a wide variety of devices to transport data over the power lines. A new version called AC-MIO-U6..
Stand Alone I / O Controller
Posted on 14-12-2011
The IOC-7007 I/ O controller provides an intelligent solution for handling inputs and outputs. The IOC-7007 controller base accepts up to seven..
Used for making mechanical and electrical insulating structural parts in electricequipments.Inner packing:Covered with moisture proof Kraft and..
New mini electromagnetic relay:Being small in volume, light in weight, and reliable, it is suitable for household electric appliances or to change..
Hot Sale Mini Circuit Breaker
Posted on 17-07-2005
Hot Sale Mini Circuit BreakerThis series MCB is used in circuit of AC50Hz, rated voltage to 380V and rated current from 0 to 63A for protection..
Mini Circuit Breaker(FS1 series)1) Modern design, good quality;2) Use PA 66 Nylon shell, which has strong anti-burn capacity;3) Copper content for..
Product Name: Electronic ThermometerModel Number: MT-101PPlace of Origin: China Features and specifications: 1) 89.6 oF to 109.2 oF measuring..

Posted on 18-09-2008
Irradiated Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Insulated Wire1)We are not trading company, we’re factory and welcome to visit2)Reasonable price, good..

Posted on 14-02-2011
Product Description:1.The configuration of intelligent controller, stable operation, parking without inertia, accurate limit.2.With ultra low..
Features: Keypad1) Uses: computer keyboards, remote controller, electronic games and other similar products2) Materials: 100% silicon rubber, soft..
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