It is used in those thermoplasticity and thermoset high molecular polymer which have flame-resistant request. Especially suitable for the oil paint and the textile coating. The product has great quality when uses in polystyrene foam (eps) , the oxygen index (oi) may higher than 30 and reaches the stated self extinguishing standard. Meanwhile..
Chemical AdditiveSurfactant/cocamidopropyl betaine (CAB-35), Potassium dodecyl ether phosphate (MAP-K), Fatty alcohol ether disodium sulfosuccinate (MES), sodium N-lauroyl sarcosinate solution (LS-30), and hydrosulfo betaine (SHD)Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAB-35) It has slight stimulation, to be applied for densifying and foaming, was popularly..
Duratight chemical additive has the features of high carbon,low sulphur,nitrogen and harmful impurities. So it has been widely used for steel-smelting, casting, brake pedal and friction material.Product SpecificationProduct No.Fixed Carbon..
Chemical Name: Octadecyl β - (3,5-di- tert -butyl-4-hydroxy phenyl)-propionate Molecular formulaC35H62O3Molecular Weight530.87CAS#2082-79-3Introduction: This product is a nonpollutingnontoxic Antioxidant with good heat-resisting and water-extracting performance.Physical Properties: Appearance:White powderAssay:≥98%Melting..
Chemical Name: 1,3,5,Tris(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydrox benzyl)-s-triazine-2,4,6-(1H,3H,5H)trione Molecular formulaC48H69N3O6 Molecular Weight784.1CAS#27676-62-6Introduction: The product is soluble in solvents like acetone, chloroform and amide, and insoluble in alkane and alcohols. Flash point (open-cup): 289.4°C kindling point:..
AC6000 High-temperature Foaming Agent Product IntroductionThis foaming agent is produced after ultra-fining treatment and surface denaturing. It is widely used in the foaming of plastics for EVA, PE, PVC and many kinds of rubber, and it is suitable to hot-pressing foaming in EVA large or small mold and PE secondary..
Gear oil additiveGL-5: 4.5% GL-4: 2.25% G353 1.DESCRIPTIONG353 is the newly developed general compound gear oil additive. It is used in the motor gear oil with GL-5 and viscosity of 80W/90 and passed the test of CRC L-42, RC L-33, and RC L-37and L-60. With 1.6% dosage of G353, the heavy load industrial gear oil can fit the standard of..
Flame Retardant FR-AP462 Formula: (NH4PO3)n n>1000Molecular Weight: 79 ( number average) CAS NO.: 68333-79-9Physical appearance: fine, white powder, nontoxic, odorless.Application: FR-AP462 is a flame retardant based on ammonium polyphosphate. It is manufactured by encapsulation with melamine resin according to Fairlands own method. It can..
Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAB-35) It has slight stimulation, to be applied for densifying and foaming, was popularly used as cleaning agent in dish lotion, clothes lotion, neutral acid or alkali lotion, also confecting agent of shampoo and body cleaning agent, etc.Technical index:1) Appearance: liquid with no to light yellow color2) Solid content..
plastic additive,Flame Retardant ProductAluminum HypophosphiteCAS No.7784-22-7SpecificationsAppearance: white powderPurity: 98.0% minMoisture: 1.0% maxApplicationsPET, PA, NylonIf you need more information,please contact us.Thanks!
chemical additiveClassMagnesium Hydroxide Name[053] Flame-Retarded Magnesium Hydroxide Dectiption Flame-Retarded Magnesium Hydroxide (Produced in ore processing method)English Name: Magnesium hydroxideMolecular Formula: Mg(OH)2Molecular Weight: 58.32Use:The main constituent of this product (flame retardant) is the magnesium hydroxide, which..
Molecular formula C 7 H 6 N 2 SMolecular Weight 150.2CAS# 583-39-1Specifications ItemSpecificationsHigh grade 1st grade Qualified AppearanceLight-yellow or offwhite PowerMelting point, Degree,≥295.0290.0285.0Heat Loss,%,≤0.300.500.50Ash,%,≤0.300.500.50Residue on 150μm Sieve, %,≤0.100.10— Properties..
ANTIWEAR HYDRAULIC OIL ADDITIVE 0.8%-1.0% V3959 BRIEF INTRODUCTIONThis product is antiwear hydraulic fluid additive package. It is brown liquid. The recommended dosage is 1.0% for blending high quality antiwear hydraulic oil that can meet the requirements of first-class GB11118.1-94 L-HM hydraulic oil and NFE-603.CHARACTERISTICSExcellent..
Chemicals Additives (Sodium Lignosulphonate Wood Pulp)1. PropertyAppearanceDark brown powderCAS NO.8061-51-6ComposeLignin sodium sulphonateIon typeNegative ionSolubilityEasy dissolve in water2. The main technical standardItemParameterInsolubles in water of 5 percent,%min1.0PH (1percent water solution)9-11Reducing sugar,..
Chemical Additive For Cement And Concrete (Calcium Lignosulfonate)1,PropertyAppearance : Light yellow powderCompose : Ligno calcium sulfonateIon type : Negative ionSolubility : Easy dissolve in water2,The main technic standardItemParameterLignin, %≥55Insolubles in water of 5 percent,% ≤1.5PH..
Na-22PRODUCT Accelerator ETU(Na-22) Chemical Name: Ethylene thioureaSpecification:ItemPowderOiled powder AppearanceWhite powderInitial M.P. οC ≥195.0195.0 Loss on drying % ≤0.300.40 Ash % ≤0.300.40 Residues on 150μm sieve, % ≤0.100.10 Additive, %--1.0-2.0 Properties: White powder. Little bitter. Density is 2.0...
CHSChemical CompositionN-Cyclohexy1-2benzothiazole Product DataChemical Name: N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamideSpecification:ItemPowderOiled powderGranuleAppearanceGray-white powder(granule)Initial M.P. οC ≥ on drying % ≤0.300.400.30Ash % ≤0.300.400.30Residues on 150μm sieve, % ≤0.100.10--Additive,..
--------------Professional For rubber SInce 1987 Rubber peptizing agent HP(Environmental)Counter Type: Renacitt 11/WGIngredients:.Peptizer DBD and activating additive and binder Quality index: Appearancegray green wetting powder2,2-dibenzamidodiphenyldisulphide(DBD) content%40%Ash %≤45Loss on heat..
Good plasticizers used in PVC products.Please find the comparison as followsItemModel-1#DEDB Model-3#Model-5#DOPAppearancetransparent oily liquid, no suspended substanceChroma(Pt-Co) # ≤40-4545~5045~5030~40Density1.20~1.221.15~1.171.10~1.120.985Flash Point(without cover)175-180180~185190~195190~195Ester %
Product DescriptionActivated carbon additiveDescription:It selects high quality apricot shell, peach shell, walnut shell, jujube shell, peanut shell, olive shell etc as raw material, used activation furnace, through carbonization → high temperature steam activation → finished refining process. Features: The product has..