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1.Physical properties Lime Reactivity Time (second)Temperature ºCMethod044.8 ASTM C – 1103057.26069.59073.812075.015074.518073.5 ..
Hydrated Lime 60%
Posted on 25-11-2013
Product Name : Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated Lime)Chemical Name : Ca(OH)2Purity : 60-75% Max.Sr. No.CharacteristicsSpecifications1.Calcium Hydroxide..
super fine plaster of paris
Posted on 21-10-2012
Physical Details Mesh 200Witness 95 %Packing 25 kgs Type of Bag pp Laminated Setting time ..
Sinter grade Calcined Lime
Posted on 01-09-2005
Sinter plant is a modern technology for the production of steel, made out of the low grade raw material & blast furnace waste heat. It's..
Kaffir Lime Essential Oil
Posted on 17-10-2006
The sedative yet uplifting character is excellent for anxiety, depression and nervous tension. A combined cooling and refreshing quality seems to..
cement grade lime stone
Posted on 07-01-2011
WE are looking for Direct buyers of Cement grade limestone from our mine which is situated in chitradurga district Karnataka INDIA.We can arrange..
Burnt Lime Powder 90% CaO
Posted on 19-08-2010
Product: Lime Burnt Powder / burnt limeCHEMICAL ANALYSIS CaO≥90 %Fe2O3≤0.03 %SiO2≤0.14%Al2O3≤0.03MgO≤0.27PHYSICAL PROPERTIES ..
Quick Lime
Posted on 13-04-2007
Quicklime, more formally known as calcium oxide (CaO), is a caustic alkaline substance which is produced by heating limestone in specially..
Quick lime for steel making
Posted on 03-01-2005
We are one of leading mineral company from Vietnam. We are specialize in supplying Quick lime with high purity and large capacity.We always..

Posted on 17-06-2005
Name : Auto Rendering MachineModel: WB-09/WB-09LCapacity: 500m2 / DayPower supply : 2.25kw, Three phase 380VWeight:230kg/170KGL/W/H:..
Posted on 12-02-2014
grey stone lumps / limestone lumps application for:1/ Making lime2/ steel manufacturer3/ Glasses manufacturer4/ Sugar5/ Building6/ Feed..
Hydrated Lime
Posted on 27-01-2008
Molar Mass : 74.093 g/molDensity : 2.211 g/cm³, solidMelting Point : 512°C Boiling Point : N/ASolubility in water : 0.185g/100..
Plaster Of Paris For Moulding
Posted on 13-12-2006
Physical Details Mesh 200Witness 95 %Packing 25 kgs Type of Bag pp Laminated Setting time ..

Posted on 19-02-2011
We, MULTIMIN(EGYPT) FOR MINING, a fast growing mining company working in the raw materials for Glass ,Ceramics and construction industries Such as..
Shurin Lime NSP-970
Posted on 16-06-2009
Chemical and Physical properties Shurin Lime NSP-970 Calcium Carbonate S/NDescriptionUnitValue1SiO2Percent of Weight0.14 Max2Al2O3Percent of..
Quick lime,CaO > 90%
Posted on 09-10-2010
Detailed Description Quicklime.CaO: 92% min.Size: As yourrequest(in lump and powder)+ MgO: 0.80% max+ SiO­2: 0.09% max+ Al2O3: 0.03% max+ LOI:..
We're Vietnam Mining and Metallurgical Technology Company (VMMT) in Vietnam, one of the largest and professional manufacturers of quick lime..
Hydrated Lime 96% MIN
Posted on 17-08-2011
We are leading exporter of Hydrated lime. We are continuously exporting to Africa, Middle east, Latin america etc.Minimum purity is 96%.
Lime Oil for Soaps
Posted on 18-03-2010
Botanical Name: Citrus aurantifolia Plant Part: Fruit Peel Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Origin: IndiaDescription: Lime is a small evergreen..
1.Physical properties Lime Reactivity Time (second)Temperature ºCMethod044.8 ASTM C – 1103057.26069.59073.812075.015074.518073.5 ..
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