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Model No : 3562 Size : 3 – 7A Firing rate : 8 LPH to 80 LPH (or) 8 Kg to 80 Kg/Hr (LPG) Technical Name : Gas Burner, Natural Gas Burner, LPG Burner, Biogas Burner, Methane Burner, Producer Gas burner, Burner, Diesel Burner, Light oil Burner, Dual fuel Burner. Where can be used : Heat treatment furnace, Direct Melting, Aluminium..
Company InformationThe leading manufacturing for Wood Pellet Mill in Malaysia. Listing Description Wood, EFB, OPT, FEED, AND BIOMASS PELLET MILL AND BURNERThe machine is suitable for making the biomass, sawdust pellet and oil cake for the feedstuff which it could be granule pellet for animal feed. Product Description Biomass pellet burner..
Contech the leading manufacturer of high precision electronic balances in India with 18 years Industry experience today offers the complete range of Electronic Balances and Weighing scales for various applications. Analyze Online Coal Gas Infrared coal gas analyzer (Syn Gas Analyzer) measures the gas concentration of CO, CO2, CH4 and CxHy..

coal gasifier

Posted on 06-04-2012
Gasifier System process:In Gasifier, the coal is blown through with oxygen and steam (water vapor) while also being heated. The process of heating coal is called “allothermal”. It is basically reacting coal (which has been heated) with steam to get the Synthetic Fuel Gas (CO, H2, CH4, water vapour (H2O) and CO2).Environmental..
Model: AK-200FC/H21. LPG/NG/COAL gas detector2. Manual testing and reset function3. working environment: Humidity: less than 97%RHTemperature: 0-60centigrade4. Dimensions: 120mm*70mm*45mm5. Working voltage: 220VAC /110VAC, 12VDC-20VDC6. Additional function: can work with solenoid valve or manipulator or exhaust fan (optional)7. Networking:..
Explosion proof coal gas solenoid valves-ZCMOperating typeNormally Closed2/2 way Direct operatingNormally OpenedParameter↓Model→ZCMMediumNatural gas, gas, water, air, etc.Environment temperature-20~60Medium temperature≤60Inside nominal diameter (mm)15202532405065~350Connection thread size (G)1/23/411-1/41-1/22FlangeWorking pressure..
Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa Working Medium: Water, Coal gasWorking Temperature: normal temperatureParallel Pipe Thread to ISO228
Coal gas burner
Two head cooking stove1800*1000*1150mm550w/220vUsed in the commercial kitchenWelcome OEM
About ShengdongShengli Oil Field Shengli Power Machinery Group Co., Ltd (Shengdong Gas Engine) is the largest gas engine manufacturer in China.Shengdong Gas Engine was founded by Ministry of Petroleum (divided into SinoPec and ChinaPetro in 1990s) in late 1970s, located in Shengli Oil Field, Dongying City, Shandong Province. Core business of..
lpg solenoid valve MODE CONNETION ORIFICE (mm) CV L(mm) H(mm) tem press volt body material ZCM-5G1/8" 2.5 0.23 41 75 -5~60ºC 0~4bar(0~8bar) AC220V/50HZ AC110V/50HZ DC24VDC12V BRASS ZCM-8G1/4"..
coal gas pipe UHMW Definition Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene is often referred to as the world’s toughest polymer. UHMW is a linear high density polyethylene which has high abrasion resistance as well as high impact strength. UHMW is also chemical resistant and has a low coefficient of friction which make it highly..
gas valve,lpg gas valve,natural gas valve•Gas species: natural gas, LPG, man-made coal gas and other noncorrosive gases•Valve opening: reset manually•Valve closing: direct current pulse drive or manually•Closing time: <1s • brass or iron•1/2",3/4", 1" for choose
COAL GAS BURNER We are engaged in offering lab equipment, which are used to prevent any kind of damage caused by chemical splitting. products offered by us are available in different sizes and shapes to suit the varied requirements of our clients
Coal Gas Suction&Delivery Rubber Hose1.High tensile steel braid or spirals reinforced structure & Fibre enhancement ensure safety.2. Application: For industrial mining, civil engineering and conservation constructions to draw the coal gas/ gas at normal temperature and the general neutral liquid. Apply to both coal gas/ gas suction..
Coal Gas Producer:Gongyi Wangda Machinery Factory, located in the west of Zhengzhou City, which has two parts, old factory is in urban nearby train station and new factory is in Zhitian Industrial Park of Gongyi.With unique geographical condition, Wangda Machinery concentrates capital, technology, personnel, information and market as..
ApplicationsRLY coal gas furnace is widely used for drying, solidifying and heat setting for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff, textile, dyeing, food, grain processing, automobile industries and so onPrincipleThe fuel is burnt at firebox and the high temperature is produced. The quantity of heat will conduct to heated air..
N.W.135gRated speed3000wUnit color box packing65*40*90mmOut carton size340*270*230Packing40pcsN.W./G.W.5.4/7.9kgIgnitionautomatic ignition by press buttoncamping stove camping mini gas stove gas burnermini stove use high strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel, Backstop four-way design, the bottom of the pan more stable lifts;..
Vertical coal-fired boiler,A head, drum, top Furnace, Furnace, bending pipe and other components. Vertical bending the structural features of water-tube boilers are: Furnace that has the curved pipe, increasing the radiation heating surface. However, a larger Furnace water level, lower the oven temperature, therefore, generally suitable for..
Technical data TypeQM0.8 QM1.0 QM1.2 QMG1.5QM1.6Furnace Inner Diameter(mm)8001000120015001600Furnace available area(m2)0.50.7851.131.772.01Applicable fuelWeak viscous bituminous, anthracite, cokeCoal Particle Size (mm)25~80Coal Consumption(kg/h)80~140160~220240~320300~450400~500gasification agentAir , steamCoal Gas..