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Posted on 26-06-2010
Appearance Off-white crystalline powder ConformsMelting point 230-240 233.2-236.1Loss on drying 0.5%Max 0.23%Solubility Freely..
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 03-04-2008
1h-benzimidazole-2-n-propyl-4-methyl-6-(1'-methylbenzimidazole-2'-yl) Intemediate used for telmisartan synthesis Cas no:152628-02-9 Hplc..
18%~20%(HPLC, Sigma standard)
PVP molecular formula is C6H9NO n, and exists as powder or aqueous solution.It can be dissolved in water and varieties of organic solvent, it has..
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 07-05-2005
2-Methylnaphthalene Synonyms: beta-Methylnaphthalene, Methylnaphthalene Appearance: White crystal Assay: 95% , 98% , 99% min.

Posted on 02-04-2005
Specifications and features: Jellystrength SPECIFICATIONS (6.67%)150-170Bloom>170-190Bloom190-210Bloom210-230Bloom230-250BloomVISCOSITY..
Pharmaceutical Gelatin
Posted on 11-12-2008
Pharmaceutical Gelatin is in the medical fields has abroad application because of manycharacteristics, such as gelatin, steady water,..
For pharmaceutical industry,the main area of application of Povidone K17,25, 30 and 90 is as a binder for tablets and granules, as well as hard..
Orthovisc: large quantity for a special price!Please contact us.
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 16-12-2013
Pharmaceuticals are used extensivley worldwide

Posted on 08-12-2008
We are very strong in Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) , we can supply Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) with the best price ,best quality and best payment..
Pharmaceutical Api's
Posted on 17-02-2006
Pharmaceutical Pellets
Posted on 08-11-2009
PELLETS:1) PLAIN PELLETS:Carbonyl Iron PelletsZinc Sulphate PelletsFolic Acid PelletsVitamin E PelletsFerrous Sulphate Pellets2) ENTERIC COATED..
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 08-02-2005
We are a supplier of laboratory chemicals, glassware and scientific instruments. Now we have a wide range of Finnpipette all ranges. Reply us..
Sell Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 01-06-2012
We are offering all types of Chemicals, Bulk Drugs, Solvents, Pharmaceuticals as per your requirement. Kindly get in touch with us
Sell Pharmaceutical Chemical
Posted on 08-04-2013
New age healthcare INC. Is a healthcare/health food company located in vancouver, british columbia, Canada. We provide a full range of services..
Sell Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 25-01-2013
We would like to introduce ourself as manufactures of following pharmaceuticals intermediates. Fine chemical. Dipe + hcl IPA +hcl Ammonia +..
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 25-05-2009
We are an established bussiness house involving Manufacture, Marketing & exporting of Pharmaceutical finished product (different generic) . If you..
Sell Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 07-11-2009
We can supply th efollowing chemcials: - 1. Glycerine 2. Silicone oil 3. Coco Diethanol Amide Please contact us if you are interested.
Sell Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 05-05-2008
We are from Bangladesh. We need some pharmacuticals raw materials can any body provide me? If you are a manufacturer of pharmacutical raw material..
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