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Posted on 04-08-2007
MILIFE has strong tensile strength ideal for industrial..

Posted on 20-08-2009
1)Plastic Spacers for concrete products2)Material:Polypropylene3)Size:Outer diameter:100mm Innner..

Posted on 24-11-2009
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ The flow confirmation coupling whichcan be attached to a industrial material..

Posted on 07-07-2011
TAP006-019 Japan Diaphragm Vacuum Pump industrial material Let's create health with the pumps! -Clean air &..

Posted on 25-04-2012
We produce shock absorbing material, thermal insulation, packing which use material such as various sponge, rubber, urethane foam, plastic and so..

Posted on 28-10-2005
MILIFE is the nonwoven sheet which is usable to industrial..

Posted on 20-05-2009
MILIFE is the fiber sheet which is usable to industrial..

Posted on 06-03-2009
Our ceramic industrial materials have wide range from low density, high heat retention to high density, high durability those are suitable for all..
♦ RK cheap portable stage stage materials ♦ ♦ portable stage featureNo extra tools required...

Posted on 09-02-2012
Pipe, Industrial Material and Oilfield EquipmentProducts:HDPE PipingEletrofusion Adapters / Transitions / Terminations - Available in all threads..

Posted on 14-08-2005
MILIFE realizes new added value as industrial..

Posted on 25-07-2012

Posted on 15-05-2008
Laser Cutting Machine for Textile, Non-woven, Industrial Material Product Features This model is suitable for different kinds of textile,..

Posted on 07-07-2010
industrial aluminum profile;aluminum building materials;aluminum building materialsFeatures:1) used in bathrooms and shower room2) material 6463..
This kind of industrial aluminum products are widely used in ligting fields, such as searchlights, diving lights ,tunnel lamps and so on. We can..
Heat Sink,Industrial material
Posted on 04-01-2013
1)The paint film has high adhesion and resistance to corrosion.Customer can freely chose alloy state.2) Product’s thickness and surface..
Industrial material of mica
Posted on 22-08-2014
Series: Muscovite, Phlogopite, biotite, sericite, wet ground and dry groundSize: 20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 80mesh, 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, or..
Industrial material/black carbon Our goods have stable quality,strong color strength and suitable price.Carbon Black is a product used in..
ndfeb industrial material
Posted on 03-12-2010
industrial material Magnet(NdFeB magnet) is made from Neodymium,Iron,Boron and some other transitive metallic elements to make it strong1. General..

Posted on 14-02-2010
HL Industrial Material Lifting Equipment Industrial Bucket Elevator Applied ranges:ZX HL Chain bucket elevator is a kind of vertical elevator and..
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