New mini electromagnetic relay:Being small in volume, light in weight, and reliable, it is suitable for household electric appliances or to change from DC and AC in circuit of industrial automatic control appliance.1)Product Model : JQX-16F2) Coil voltage:DC 6,9,12,18,24,36,483)Contact capacity:10A240VAC 20A 28VDC4) Coil..
Relay JZC-11F Model No.JZC-11FContact Arrangement1H (SPST-NO); 1Z(SPDT)Contact MaterialAg ALLOYContact Rating (at Resistive Load)5A 250VAC5A 30VDCMax. Switching Voltage250VAC, 30VDCMax. Operating Power1250VAMax. Switching current5AMin. Switching Load10mA 5VDCCoil Rated Voltage5VDC~24VDCCoil Rated Current90mAPick-up Voltage75% Max.of nominal..
JRS2 (3UA) thermal relay is suitable for general AC motor of long or discontinuous longoperation with rated frequency of AC 50Hz, voltage up to 660-1,000V and currentof 0.1-630A. It is used for overload protection and has the function of breaking phase protection,temperature compensation and trip indication. It can automatically and..
Features:1) Types: MY2, MY3, MY42) Contact capacity: 5A, 250V AC3) Coil voltage: 6 - 220V DC, 6 - 380V AC4) Coil power: a) DC: ≤0.9W b) AC: ≤1.2VA5) Pick-up: a) DC: ≤75% b) AC: ≤80%6) Drop-out: a) DC: ≥10% b) AC: ≥30%7) Electrical life: 100,000 times8) Mechanical life: 10,000,000 times9) Operating temperature: -40 - 50°C
The relay is one of the necessary executive unit for vehicle and other units with the function of start, pre-heat, control. And it has the characteristics of controlling over current and strong protection. Features:1) WG9725580010/ 1: a) Rated voltage: 24Vb) Contact point current: 80Ac) Engage voltage: ≤18Vd) Disengage voltage: 1 - 4V2)..

Timer Relay ST3P

Posted on 25-09-2007
Why choose us? 1. 20 years - Andeli Group Co.,Ltd is founded in 1993. 2. 12 share holding companies - Andeli have owns 12 share holding companies in Shanghai, Hunan, Zhejiang, UAE.3. 300 cooperating companies - We have over 300 cooperating companies.4. 3000 workers - We have over 3000 workers.5. USD150,000,000 - The total assets is..
Zhejiang Asia Dragon Relay Company, established in 1989, is a member of the Relay Association, and has become one of the main relay export bases in China. We specialize in producing all kinds of relay series and relay sockets. We own advanced production and quality controlling lines manned by professional engineers and skilled workers. We..
Intelliegnt Motor Protection RelaysFEATURES : A) Monitoring : Three Phase Line Current : R-Y-B AmpThree Phase Line Voltage : RN-YN-BN VoltThree Phase Voltage ..
Digital Power Protective Relays Made in Korea** For more information you can visit our web-site to match our potential business opportunities and detail specifications.
Omron Solid State Relay for Heater Control G3NA-220B AC200-240 Product classificationSolid State Relay for heater controlOperating Rated Voltage200 to 240 VACOperating Voltage Range150 to 264 VACInput Impedance72 kOhm +/- 20% (at 25 CEL)Must Operate Voltage150 VAC Max.Must Release Voltage40 VAC Min.IsolationPhotocouplerOutput..
DIN-Rail Mount Switched Pass Through Relay 4ch 20A /per ch. Multi Phase, Multi-Current, Multi voltage. Software Selectable programmable 3 Phase Protective function: Grouping. Work 220/110 VAC, 50-60Hz as well as 1.5-48VDC (Green operated supplied by 24VAC/20mA) Small and elegant with easy labeling space, output status LED indicator, network..
Solid state relay1.Characteristics: With small volume, substitute for contact voltage regulator; No mechanical contact point, greatly improving safety; With flameproof engineering plastic shell and epoxy resin embedding, especially,applicable for occasions such as damp-or explosion proof.2.Technical parameters: input..
SSR series solid state relay,power relayFeature:Load voltage(V): 40~240V, 40~450VLoad current(A): 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 80A,100A Dielectric strength(V): 2500V Insulation reslstance(V): 100VControl voltage(V): 200~450V Control current(mA): ≤10 On voltage drop(V): 1.5 Off leakage current(mA): ≤4 Frequency range(Hz): 50/60 On-Off..
Latching Relay 80A NRL709BRelay Size: 39X34X18Contact form: 1A, 1BContact material: AgSnO2Contact rating: 80A 250VACCoil voltage: 5~48VDCCoil power (w): S: 1.5; D: 3.0Pulse width:≥30msElectrical life:≥1X104Mechanical life:≥1X106Dielectric strength: Between open contacts:≥1500VACBetween coil and contact:≥2500VACPick-up..
Latching Relay NRL709P 200A
12V 100A power relay JQX-62F 1Z
Solid State Relay HHG2-1/032F-22 38 10-80AControlling Voltage: 3-14VDC 3-32VDCControlling Current: 6-35mAMake-on Voltage: 3VDCBreak-off Voltage: 1VDCReverse Voltage: 32VDCLoad Voltage: 30-240VAC 40-440VACLoad Current: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60, 80AInstant Voltage: 22 600VAC, 38 900VACVoltage Drop in ON: < 1.6VACOn-off Time:≤10mSLeakage..
We are manufacturer solid state relay(ssr,relay)DATASHEETS: Load Current:10A/15A/25A/30A/40A/50A/60A/75A/90ALoad Voltage: 24~380VACControl Voltage: 3~32VDCControl Current: DC3~25mA On Voltage: ≤ 1.5VOff Leakage Current:≤ 2mAOn-off Time: ≤10ms Dielectric Strength:2500VACInsulation Resistance: 1000mΩ /500VDCAmbient..
Product Description sequencer time delay relay ( Instead of T-O-D 12s, 14s)Features:1) Controlling the operation of heating element or fans in electric furnaces and heat pumps . 2) Combine a solid-state positive temperature coefficient(PTC)heater. 3) A single-timing device or two independent timing. 4) Available with both Open on Rise..