1.Incorporated2.with six tube3.Auger adjust the ink quantity4.Screen indicate the ink refilling condition5.Set ink refilling parameter on MTV6.PLC control the procedureVoltage:AC220(110V) 50-60HZPower:160WPositive pressure:≥0.2MpaNegative pressure:≥100KpaControl Accuracy:+/-0.1g%Output:200-300PCS/H..
www.girisimmak.comskype: girisim.packaging.machineryTo See Our Videos about the Machineshttp://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoVQBDmfekkLdhu6Fi1znpgIt is a filling and packaging machine for making stick-type packages from 1 gr. to 40 gr.It is used for the packaging of sugar, spices, other granular or crystallized products in high-precision and in..
Automatic Pouch Packaging Machine for Snacks Products Packaging Machines ManufacturerPackaging Equipment ProducerBag & Sachet Packaging Machines Automatic Pouch Packaging Machine for Snacks Products LX-205 : Automatic Servo Control Vertical Pouch Packing Machine with Combinational Weigh Filler Top best quality packaging machines..
Mixing machine, mixer machine, chemical mixer, agitatorIt is applicable for mix and agitation of high viscous material in vacuum chamber. Materials shall be adequately agitated and mixed in a short time by two frame type agitating oars which proceed planet motion. ModelXSJ350XSJ500Main motor power(KW)2237Pump motor power(KW)5.55.5Chamber..
Non-PVC Soft Bag Filling and Sealing Machine Function and Feature The machine is extensively applicable to quantitative filling and welding sealing for soft bag packaging. It is a newly-generation product which is researched on the basis of digestion and absorption of corresponding products from both home and abroad. The empty bag rotates to..
Chemical Machine chemical equipmentchemical machineryKneading Machine With ISO certificate Use: It is widely applied to produce high viscosity sealant, silicone rubber, neutral and acidic glass cement, chewing gum, bubble gum, paper pulp, cellulose, and is also used in batteries, ink, pigments, dyes, pharmaceuticals, resins, plastics,..
Eye drop Filling and Sealing Machine for Pharmaceutical Product Description Usage:Eyedrop filling, plugging and capping.Features: - Automatic feeding bottle by bottle unscrambler. - Peristaltic pump to fill liquid.- Filling volume: 5-20ml- Filling precision:98%- Vibration bowl to feed plug and cap.- No bottle no fill, no plug no cap.-..
Model QSJ1 hanging type automatic aerosol water bath leakage testing machine has been developed by absorption of foreign advanced technology and taking into consideration the Development conditions of aerosol industry of china .It is used to testing all kinds of aerosols without limit of can materials. The testing efficiency is 50-70 cans..
QG-ZB-A Semi-automatic aerosol Polyaminester Foamed Filling Machine Production Line is composed of such six parts as : QYG500 Semi-automatic Pulyrethane A Content Bottler, QYG500 Semi-automatic Pulyrethane B Content Bottler,Model QFG1 Series Semi-automatic Crimper , QPG500 Semi-automatic Dimethyl ether Bottler(booster pump included),QPG500..
Specification:Filling machineThe machine is widely used in pharmacy,foodstuff,cosmetic and chemical etc industries.such as: tooth paste,ointment,syrup,jam,shoeshine,oil paint,printing ink,drink,paste,snowflake cream,magma,butter,lube,pesticide,and so on.Features:1. 95% parts are all made of high quality stainless steel,no easy pollution,easy..
Mineral and Pure Water filling machineDescription:Water filling machine is used in the production of mineral water,pure water and other uncarbonated drink.>One one machine ,it can carry out washing ,filling and capping.>The machine adopts filling in normal temperature and normal pressure.>The special filling valve makers the filling..
Bottle Beverage Filling MachineBottle carbonated beverage filling machine MODELDCGF14-12-5DCGF18-18-6DCGF24-24-8DCGF32-32-10DCGF40-40-10DCGF50-50-12CAPACITY(bottle per hour)2000BPH4000BPH8000BPH12000BPH15000BPH18000BPHApplied bottle: 50-100mm bottle diameter; 150-310mm bottle heightBottle pulp juice filling machine RCGGF18/12/16/518, 12, 16,..
Auger Filling Machine Product Description Brief instruction: Designed for such materials as powder and fine powder,this machine can finish metering,filling,gas-flushing automatically.It is also used to meter and fill powder,making a product line with several kinds of packing machine.Such materials with high or low fluidity as milk..
Weighing & Filling Packing Machine(powder packing machine, milk powder packing machineModel No: WAF-1050 Practical and Innovative Design for big bag 1-25kg or 50, up to 100kg, suit for any industry powder.Practical and Innovative DesignHumanization design, easy to disassemble to clean product contact parts for without tools. Leave no..
Product Description Vertival Filling & Sealing Bagger: (three side bag or back sealing bag, guesst as optional for standing bag) Model No: VFFS-520Technical Parameter:>>Reliable PLC control,Precision servo system,Imported bearing,International brand electrical equipments to ensure 24 hours continuant work .>>Friendly touch..
Chemical Machine Glass-lined reactor is widely used in reaction, evaporation, concertration, composition, extraction, saponification, mineralization, chlorination, nitration etc. Of chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, pesticide, organic synthesis, petroleum, food additives, defense industry and scientific research. Corrosion resistance: It resists..
Chemical Machine Latex Paint Production Line is including electric control system, material feeding system, pulping&grinding system, paint mixing system, materiel discharging and filter system, operation platform, pipeline system and filling system. SystemEquipmentRemarksControl systemElectrical control systemSubassemblyMaterials feeding..
Soap making machine,high efficiency mixing chemical machine can knead all kinds of CMC,also be applied to chemical indurstry,plastic,rubber,ink,carbon,medicine,food,and so on.It is made of stainless steel or carbon steel to touch admixture in it,so that to keep admixture pure and high quality.This kind of machine use two oars with..
viscous liquids piston filler This machine is a high-tech filling equipment integrating on the PLC microcomputer programmable control, and photo electricity transduction pneumatic action. The machine is especially suitable for foodstuff. For example: white spirit, soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning, vegetable oil, syrup, mineral water, edible..
Semi-Automatic tube filling and sealingmachineBrief introduction:The machine is suitable for filling colloid material into metal flexible tubes or compounding (plastic) tubes with lid and sealing them. It used in daily chemical, pharmacy,food stuff and so on. It has such features as simple structure, low cost, single station filling and..