Vinpower Verbatim CD-R AZO Silver Lacquered Blank Media

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All media is not the same. When you're looking for recordable media that you can be certain will copy accurately and playback reliably, then The Vinpower Verbatim media using the top of the line AZO dye is your best option. Most recordable media today will degrade in quality and often the content will be lost in as little as 2 ~ 5 years. The Vinpower Verbatim recordable media has been proven to retain all data stored on the disc for up to 50 years when handled and stored properly. AZO is a specialized dye that not only provide exceptional recording capabilities, it also maintains the integrity of the discs for years to come, so your precious memories, entertainment, important documents, or anything that you wish to hold for a long time will be safe and available when you need it.

So the question becomes, do you want recordable media, using the AZO dye, that you can count on, or pay the ultimate price in the future just to save a few pennies?



Vinpower Verbatim Plus

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Shiny Silver

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