Wireless Communication Networking Equipment----Antenna Feeder Connector Closure

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HJ1278----Antenna Feeder Connector Closure

Connector closure box between antenna feeder and jumper, together with Wifi panel antenna. It is used on GSM / CDMA / 3G mobile communication station, telecommunication station.

1, Fast

With special design of embedded seal pin, the installation and dismantlement can be done in a few seconds.Any non-professionals can perform the operation work and provide standard construction maintenance.

2, Economic

Over 10 years of service lifeRepeat application, reduce the maintenance and repair cost greatly (material cost, man hour cost)Reduce the economical loss of bad antenna feeder adaptor seal resulted from non-standard human factors

3, Reliable

The protection box, completely separating the adaptor from external environment, passes the most strict waterproof test and low-high temperature test, ensuring the stable and reliable electrical performance of cable and adaptor.The housing is by reinforced design with high performance engineering level macromolecule polymer, which greatly reduces the loose caused by wind load or vibration, reduces and proofs vibration, and reinforces the adaptor.Strong weatherability, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and impaction

4, Safe

Easy installation and dismantlement greatly reduces high-altitude operation time and makes the work safer.

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